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Our programmes are funded through Stroud College or Qube Learning and part financed by the European Social Fund

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We are passionate about developing young people's careers in the Equine industry just as you are passionate about making sure your son or daughter is making the right choice for their future. We have no doubt that given the right work ethic and passion for horses that a career can be made in equine and that there will always be jobs in the industry.


There is no doubt the journey will be a lot of hard work and it will almost always involve early morning starts and some long days because when you take care of horses they have needs morning, noon and night. But if you love horses like we do, then you will find the industry tremendously rewarding.


In our two types of programme we work with employers to find suitable employment (required if they are going to be an Apprentice) and work placements (if on Traineeships) but always this work based activity is of tremendous importance in underpinning the practical and theory based training we deliver in their City and Guilds or 1st for Sport qualifications.


We of course abide by government legislation and rules for the programmes we offer which safeguard the student. The progression opportunties in the sector can be seen here. 



Though we will refer an applicant for an Apprenticeship to an employer, we are not a recruitment agency. We are funded by the government to deliver Apprenticeships so we work hard to find people who want to be Apprentices and match them with employers that are looking for one. Fundamentally the learner if accepted by the employer will be an employee of that employer. The employer is responsible for all that any employer is expected to do under employment law including for example wages, holidays, sickness and working conditions and Apprenticeships have some variations to ordinary workers (see here).


Our role is as the Training Provider which means we are responsible with the employer for the young person's Apprenticeship qualifications and training in those qualifications. We have a learning agreement with the Apprentice and employer and we ask both parties to confirm that there is a contract of employment in place and that it meets the government's expectations for wages and all Apprentices receive training in Employment Rights and Responsibilities. All of our employers are vetted for Health and Safety and we offer ongoing advice and guidance to our students to make sure their learning experience is a positive one.


We welcome feedback and interaction with the parents of our younger Apprentices and you can always give us a call to discuss any concerns.


Below are some useful links explaining what Apprenticeships are, the government's legislation and more.


Parents Toolkit

Apprenticeships (A Parents Guide here)

The Equine Apprenticeship Framework Intermediate Advanced

Career Progression (Progression Guide here)

Employment Hours & Holidays ( link here)

Wages (Minimum Wage link here)