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Our programmes are funded through Stroud College or Qube Learning and part financed by the European Social Fund

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For all ELA administrative and other enquiries please contact 

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7th January 2019

All individuals wishing to become Apprentices should now contact Easihair on 01206 579949. All ELA enquiries, administrative or otherwise should be referred to 


18th September 2018

A Message from Leanne:


Good morning! I have some very exciting news about the future of Equine programmes at the Academy.


In January 2018 you may not know that I passed ownership of the Equestrian Learning Academy to the ELA Group, a London based training partnership and changed my role at the Academy to a part time trainer. Over the last few months the ELA group have decided that after the current group of Apprentices achieve their programmes they want to re-focus on other programmes away from Equine but its business as usual for now and I have been re-contracted to be the main trainer for all of the current ELA Apprentices and will be helping them all achieve in line with their training plans.


The really exciting news is that with ELA’s blessing I am delighted to say that the future of Equine programmes remains very bright though as from this month I also became Equine Manager at the new EASI Equestrian Academy, owned by the family run Easi training group that has been successfully delivering training out of Colchester for over 20 years and this week launched the new Equine Groom Apprenticeship Standard programme where all new and future applicants, Employers and Apprentices will be able to train.


So for current ELA learners there is no need to worry. I will be helping you continue your Apprenticeships with ELA and you should notice no difference in your day to day programmes. You can however contact me on 07484418413 should you have any queries.


Any future applicants who would like to be Apprentices, or new Employers looking to take on Apprentices should contact EASI on 01206 579949, or learners can apply electronically at


I am personally grateful that alongside working with the existing Apprentices ELA have allowed me to reach an agreement with EASI that not only ensures we keep our local presence and can continue to serve yards and learners across the region in future but actually generates more investment and resources to strengthen what has been a very successful programme of delivery.


Easi will be making their own announcement in due course but in the meantime if you have any questions please contact me on 07483318413 - Leanne Lockhart-Hawkins (Founder of the Academy). All other enquiries regarding ELA should be forwarded to the new company owners, the ELA Group, 2nd Floor, The Mille, 1000 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9DW.



1st January 2018

New Ownership & Management

Ownership and management of the Academy changed to the ELA Training Services Group.








































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